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  • PPC


    Cement for Concrete, Mortar and Plaster

    BOTCEM, is an economical general purpose early strength cement that is ideal for concrete, mortar, plaster & bricks.

    BOTCEM is formulated with early strength characteristics for use in concrete, mortar, plaster, bricks, blocks, small precast works and DIY applications


    BOTCEM 32,5 is manufactured to conform to SANS 50197-1 for Common Cements, in the 32,5 R strength class and is available either as a CEM II Portland- cement extended with siliceous fly ash (V), blastfurnace slag, (S) and/or limestone (L). Or as a CEM V, composite cement extended with blast furnace slag (S) and fly ash (V) depending on the geographical area

  • Ohorongo

    CEM I 42.5R is produced at Ohorongo Cement's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with carefully selected premium raw ingredients for consistent strength, workability and durability to give excellent results every time.

    Ohorongo CEM I 42.5R users are assured of a high quality and reliable cement product, which enables users to produce cost effective concrete and concrete products.

    Ohorongo’s cement products are proudly 100% Namibian.

  • Lafarge

    Buildcrete general purpose cement

    Trusted for durability and a perfect finish, Buildcrete general purpose cement is versatile as well as cost-effective. With a level of quality that makes it suitable for almost any project, Buildcrete is engineered to offer superior strength and a better build on site.